Hi there,

I’m Rosie

I am a creative and experienced teacher who has worked in a variety of settings, and thrives on enabling children to make progress, celebrate their successes and subsequently raise their self-esteem.

I provide targeted learning opportunities across the primary phase

As a class teacher, private tutor and learning enhancement teacher across the primary phase, I recognise the individual needs of my pupils, plan effectively and provide targeted learning opportunities that always result in raised achievement. 

I set high expectations of behaviour and attitude through a praising, calm, nurturing and stimulating approach. Familiar routines and thorough teaching reinforce learning, and we do have lots of fun along the way. By delivering concepts creatively, I can capture the imagination of your child, helping them to recall and embed learning.

My first task is to identify where your child is in their individual developmental pathway, moving them on, as well as providing support to strengthen and deepen their current learning. In taking this approach, I see some amazing results; both academically, but more importantly their self-esteem. All of this, is of course achieved in partnership with parents and the child.

From Phonographix to SATS - I'm here to help

Doing my bit for the local community

Outside of my working commitments I have been the Club Captain for a junior and senior regional netball team for the last two years. 

In addition, my husband and I helped set up Portishead's first junior netball club. The most rewarding elements of the project were witnessing the children play without inhibition in a nurturing and safe environment. This is now a self funding, sustainable club.


I also enjoy walking my Airedale Terrier Connie, kayaking, cycling and gardening.

Additionally as a certified ‘Phonographix’ teacher (Bristol Education Centre course), I have honed the skills needed to identify and solve childrens' underlying difficulties in literacy; whether it is linked to auditory processing, word building, phoneme recognition or low self -confidence. (You can look me up on the Read America Phonographic website)!

My role is to help children and parents understand how they learn, meeting their emotional and academic needs. In addition, I advise and coach children through the private schools entry system, as well as prepare, assess and monitor the standards required for Years’ 2 and 6 SATS.


What Parents Say

"My son was completely switched off to reading and writing before starting with Rosie, and is now taking a book in the car and writing a diary over lockdown! What a turn around. Thank you so much Rosie!"

— Mr M Mohammed.